Online Callboard

Remember that this week is Dress Rehearsal Week for the One Act Festival. Rehearsals will go until 8:30pm or maybe a little later.

Friday call is 5pm, show at 7pm

Saturday call is noon, show at 2pm, show at 7pm

Food will be provided each night this week!

Click here to view the cast and crew list for "Little Women"

Our first rehearsal is January 22 at 4:30pm - Everyone must attend!

Thank you all for an amazing retreat!

If you'd like to begin learning the music for Little Women, here is the RehearScore software for the show.

Here's a copy of the script (ignore the markings; they don't apply to our production).


Please attend rehearsals every Wednesday at 3:15 in the Black Box!

Next Improv Show: January 26 at 6:30pm

It's All About Family!

Stay tuned for weekly posting about ways that we can create a family dynamic in the M-CHS Drama Dept

  • Overview
  • Week 1: Patience
  • Week 2: Kindness
  • Week 2b: Wonder
  • Week 3: Act Well Your Part
  • Week 4: Unselfishness
  • Week 5: Thoughtfulness
  • Week 6: Politeness
  • Week 7: Controlling Irritability
  • Week 8: Thankfulness
  • Week 9: Good Impressions
  • Week 10: Unconditional Love
  • Week 11: Love Lets Others Win
  • Week 12: Honor
  • Shows

    "Noises Off" - November 10, 11, 17, 18

    "The One Act Festival" - January 19, 20

    "Little Women" - March 16, 17, 23, 24